Teachers Receive Induction Training

Teachers at the Induction Traning

A number of teachers experience a true table turning lesson, as their roles were switched from teachers to students.

This comes from the Ministry of Education’s induction training for new primary and secondary school teachers on Tuesday November 13th at the Public Service Training Centre.

Education Officer of the West Mrs. Margaret Jules-Royer, says one of the topics discussed was diversity in the classroom, as there are a lot of Haitians and people from the Dominican Republic, coming to Dominica and enrolling their students in our schools.

Mrs. Royer says they had sessions on personal matters with the teachers, which was hosted by the Acting Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education Ms. Marcella Powell.

On the topic of personal matter, they looked at things such as recruitment, payment, study leave, and special leave amongst others.

She said this is vital as sometimes teachers make decisions, of which they are not fully informed and as a result they may be short paid, or not get study leave because they did not know what to do.

The teachers also looked at ethics of the profession.

Mrs. Royer added that such induction training is very important and it should have even started before the teachers enter the classroom, but regardless it is getting done.

Education Officer of the West Mrs. Margaret Jules-Royer

The education officer says that such training gives teachers skills in diverse topics, such as classroom planning, ethics, personal matters to develop a wholesome teacher.

Mrs. Royer highlighted that the long term goal is to ensure that we have better efficient, effective teachers.

Without that, she says the classroom would be chaotic and they expect the teachers to learn from such training to be the most effective teacher they can be.

The Education Officer added that interpersonal relationships are very important in the classroom, as it is vital to connect to students in various ways so the students respect their teachers.

Mrs. Royer says she wants the public to know that the Ministry of Education is working very hard to educate their teachers to upgrade their teaching skills.

She said the public needs to give their strong support to the ministry and the teachers to work with the students.

Teachers at the Induction Training


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