Team Dominica Tackles Improved Health Care on the Island

UWP representative for Grand Fond constituency, Mr. Joshua Francis

UWP representative for Grand Fond constituency, Mr. Joshua Francis

On Tuesday 25th February, Opposition Team Dominica, met with visiting and returned Dominicans at the Public Service Union in Roseau.

During the gathering, Attorney at law and UWP representative for the Newtown constituency, Mr. Joshua Francis, tackled the issue of health care.

According to Mr. Francis, Team Dominica is committed to improving the standard of health care and health facilities on the island.

“Currently we do not have the best hospital…in regards to that this morning we want to assert that Team Dominica is committed to improve health in Dominica.”

He noted not only will they seek to improve health facilities but health care equipment and overall service.

There are quite a number of trained medical doctors around the world, he said and Team Dominica will focus on bringing these practitioners on island in an effort to improve the health system, adding too often do persons have to be flown out of Dominica to receive medical attention.

Mr. Francis assured returning Dominicans and those who have contemplated returning to Dominica but are concerned about the health care system, that the United Workers Party will focus on ensuring that the health environment is improved.

Touching base on the construction of an international airport, he added before establishing an international airport, a proper health facility must be secured near the airport.

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