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A group of Dominicans, were on hand to witness the beaching capabilities, of the “batral dumont D’urville” on February 13th.

The “Batral Dumont D’urville” is a light transport ship, which is the major vessel of the amphibious French force, in theWest Indies.


The ship came ashore on the Batalie beach, where it released a ramp in the front of the ship, which was used for vehicles inside the ship to come ashore.


Speaking at the event, left hand commander lieutenant Stutsman says a ship such as this one, can be used to bring aid from other countries to Dominica, during times of natural disaster.


Police chief Cyril Carette says, this demonstration was to show the potential of the ship, during times of need such as natural disasters, since it doesn’t need a berth to dock.


Mr. Carette said batalie was used as a demonstration, but there are other beaches in Dominica, that the ship can dock in times of an emergency, such as Scotts head, Soufriere and Mero.


Meanwhile Nathaniel Isaac, national disaster coordinator says, because of our geological location it is very important that, we build alliances with the French territories, and the demonstration of the ship is a perfect example.


Mr. Isaac also said there will be more demonstrations such as this one later this year to identify other beaches the ship can dock.

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