Ten Million Dollar Poultry Farm Construction to Start Month End for Dominica

Chickens at a Poultry Farm

Agriculture Minister Honourable Matthew Walter speaking at an OECS Agriculture Ministers Workshop, stated Dominica will soon benefit more from poultry, as they will see the commencement of the construction of a ten million dollar poultry farm.

Mr. Walter says, we all need to take advantage of the international market.

He pointed out that one of his plans to do so is expand the cock and poultry industry.

He said if the mechanisms are put in place it will then enable all members states to be able to obtain the licenses they need to trade with respect to livestock produce.

The Agricultural Minister says that agro processing is also critical.

He said currently what needs to change is the fact that we export the raw materials to countries who convert them to manufactured goods, however they are shipped back to regions, which we then have to buy at a more expensive price.

He said this is ridiculous and we need to take control of our own agro processing capabilities to maximize the profits that can be derived from it.

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Agriculture Minister Honourable Matthew Walter

Mr. Walter says we have an ageing farmer population where very soon many for them will expire and retire, and it is very important we have a succession plan in place to fill the void that will be created.

He added there are many single unemployed mothers and fathers, who can be engaged in agriculture so mechanisms needs to be developed and put in place so they can get the chance to earn for themselves.

The Agriculture Minister pointed out that there are many non-governmental organizations that are critical in taking agriculture to the next level.

He also said we all have to ensure that we can transform and modernize agriculture, in a way that it can trickle down to the benefit of every single citizen of the Caribbean.



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