Ten to vie for the Northern Calypso Associations calypso crown this Sunday

Ten calypsonians are set to compete in the Northern Calypso Association calypso monarch, scheduled to take place at the Arbedee Cinema in Portsmouth on March 6th, 2011.


The calypso show which is expected to begin at 8:00pm, will feature one female and nine male calypsonians, including King Mico, who has won the title eighteen (18) times.


President of the Northern Calypso Association, Mr Cowdrie M. Peter, who will also be participating in the competition, says patrons can expect a show of a very high standard on Sunday.


Assistant Public Relations Officer of the association, Mr Roger Brewster announced the ten calypsonians who will be vying for the crown.


They are: Mighty Souf, Simple, Ras Lapo, Noah de Obinyah, Preacher, King Mico, Lady Anny, Unit, The Comforter and Tap Root.


The organizers are calling on Dominicans especially persons in the neighboring communities of Portsmouth to support the event.


Tickets cost $ 20.00 in advance and $ 25.00 at the gates.


Guest performers will include Barnette George, Dynah and Andrew Remy, as well as Lapo kawbit bands, sensay groups and flag wavers.


The calypso association in Portsmouth was recently revived after a 12-year absence.

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