Tensions High in Yam Piece Following String of Incidents

footage (10)The tension could not be any higher in Yam Piece, following a string of violent incidents in that community with the most recent being on the morning of Friday March 7th 2014.

At about 7:30 am that morning, it was alleged that a young man from Bath Estate came to the community armed with a gun.

Residents say that the ongoing feud is between the Blue Blue Gang from Bath Estate, who alleged that some young men from Yam Piece stole a motor scooter belonging to them, that they want returned.

According to Mr. Christian Abraham of Yam Piece, his son bought a scooter he stored under a house in Yam Piece when not in use, but one night, “a group of Bath Estate gangsters” came into the community and took the scooter saying, his son would have it back when they receive the scooter that was stolen from them.

Mr. Abraham noted on Sunday March 2nd 2014 a group of 12 gangsters from Bath Estate came into Yam Piece on motorcycles, in an attempt to provoke the young men of that community.

Vehicle damaged on Ash Wednesday by "Bathe Estate gangsters"

Vehicle damaged on Ash Wednesday by “Bathe Estate gangsters”

They got into a heated argument but fortunately it was diffused before it escalated.

The police also reported that 20 year old Terris Charles of Bath Estate was admitted to the Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH), following a gunshot wound he sustained to his neck at about 10am on Wednesday March 5, 2014.

Investigations into the circumstances of the shooting are still being conducted.

Mr. Abraham says he would like to see this conflict resolved in a calm and peaceful way.

Many residents of Yam Piece, who were upset about the trend of incidents, said the police need to put a stop to what is going on, as gangsters from Bath Estate have carried out similar events in various communities.

In an exclusive interview with one of the sisters of the young man involved in this morning’s incident she stated and I quote, “My brother came to Yam Piece to bring clothes for my mother to wash then some Yam Piece boys stopped him, handcuffed him and began beating him,” end quote.

She added, the boys from Yam Piece were the ones that pulled a gun on her mother and eldest sister but she did not see her brother with any gun.

The mother of the young man in question declined a request for an interview about the incident.

One can only hope this conflict will end peacefully.

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