Testing of the Best Calypso Show

After an intense night of Calypso, former Calypso King Caressa, emerged as Overall Winner of the Testing of the Best Calypso Show on Saturday, June 2nd, 2012

The winner, Caressa, sang Comforter’s “Glory”, while Comforter sang Caressa’s “Rose giving me Blows”.


The completion was a showing of challengers (non- finalists) vs. finalists, singing each other’s songs, originally performed at the 2012 National calypso Competition.


The youngest calypsonians, Black Diamond, who was not a finalist in the National competition, placed second. He rocked the crowd with Checko’s “AM/PM”, while Checko added a line of his own to Black Diamond’s “Pit Toilet”.


The challengers performed first, followed by the finalists.


Lugars took on Web’s “Wey Dey Gone”, while Web fought back with Lugars “Singing in Tongues”.


Challenger Beno, dressed in a wedding gown, did justice to Tasha P’s “I Aint Leaving”, while the former calypso Monarch retaliated with Beno’s “Gangsta King”.


Sadly Explosion gave what was felt to be the worst performance of the night to Hunter’s ‘Is De Asphalt”, but Hunter left his personal stamp on Explosion’s “Pasta Wine”.


The impressive crowd was taken down memory lane earlier in the evening, as tributes were made to some of the former road march greats.


Other performers of the night were Pickie, Sye and Observer.


The event was a fund raiser organised by the Catholic Church’s Engaged Encounter and Marriage Encounter group.

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