Tete Morne Village Meeting

Members of the Tete Morne Village Council held their Thirteenth Inaugural Meeting and the Official Commissioning of the Tete Morne Resource Centre on Wednesday May 9th.


Minister for Social Service, Community Development and Gender Affairs Honorable Gloria Shillingford says this council is a place where community members can engage themselves in positive social activities and host meetings among others.


In addition, Ms shillignford stated that the Dominican Association Investment Fund provided $60.000 for the construction of the computer room and purchased equipments.


She believes Tete Morne residents are fortunate to have persons among them that are highly skilled and competent in computer technology who can be used as resource persons to teach their skills.


Ms.Shillingford indicated that within the next two weeks the Sports Division will provide both human and other resources to mark the Basketball Court as she is presently working towards tapping resources for the fencing of the Basketball Court to ensure the safety of the users.


The Honorable Prime Minister Mr. Roosevelt Skerrit says this is a start for the Tete Morne Community. Mr. Skerrit added that $50.000 will go towards the home improvement and washing facilities.


He believes this is a start and the Tete Morne residents will continue to benefit from Dominica Activities.


The new Chairman of the Tete Morne village Mr. Barnabas Abraham says by next week the road leading to the houses will be fixed. Mr. Barnabas believes that is vital that the roads are developed not only for the residents of Tete Morne but for tourists too.


In addition he says the community has been a progressive one for a long time as well as the village known for producing top vegetables and foods.

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