The 14th annual WCMF’s preparations are described as being “right on stream.”


The Dominica Festivals Commission (DFC) held a press conference yesterday, Wednesday August 25th, at the DFC’s office to inform the public of preparations leading up to the 14th annual World Creole Music Festival slated for October 29th through the 31st, 2010. Mr. Colin Piper, chairman of the DFC said that preparations leading up to the festival is moving quite smoothly.


“All artists have in fact been communicated with and contracts and deposits are being made. So as far artists goes, I would say that we are right on stream,” Said Mr. Colin Piper.


He said, “in terms of the equipment, we intend to have contracts signed and executed in this coming week. This therefore gives enough time for the equipment to arrive  in Dominica.”


Mr. Piper took the opportunity to inform the public that the season tickets are currently being offered at a discounted price of two hundred and fifty dollars ($250 EC) and added that Dominicans should take maximum advantage of this offer while it lasts.


“So we want to appeal to all individuals to come over to the DFC office to purchase their season ticket or recieve further  information about the offer. The price will move up to three hundred dollars ($300.00 EC) for the month of September and three hundred and twenty-five dollars ($325.00 EC) for October,” Mr. Piper added.


He mentioned that the DFC will be joining forces with the Kubuli Big Truck Jam to conduct a ticket train on Saturday August 28th to influence more individuals to purchase tickets. He said that the ticket train will begin from the Digicel office in Roseau and continue alongside the west coast road where they will make numerous stops in different communities such as Massacre, Salisbury, Coulibistrie, Portsmouth and Vieille Case just to name a few.


Mr. Piper said, “this is an opportunity for you to implement a program where you will be able to deduct money from the employees salary in order to purchase the season tickets on behalf of the the employes.


SAT Telecommunications Ltd, Digicel Dominica, L’express Des Isles are among the many sponsors who are on board to make the event a success.

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