The 2010 Lime Sponsored National Basketball League Playoffs to commence in mid September



Public Relations Officer of the Dominica Amateur Basketball Association Mr. Mickey Joseph said that they are quickly approaching the end of the regular season and is therefore, advising the various teams to press forward  in order to secure a spot in the playoffs. According to Mr. Joseph, the playoff which is expected to commence in mid September, will feature the best out of three in the Division One League and the best out of five in the Premiere Division League.


‘We had a major upset in the Division One League last week where the Juggernauts of Salisbury won against the undefeated Paix – Bouche Snippers, tightening the race for the first position. In the Premiere Division the Glam X-Men and Paix – Bouche Eagles are at the top of the standings, with Blazers making tremendous head way ’ stated the PRO.


He said that several teams registered victories last weekend in the keenly contested 2010 Lime Sponsored National Basketball League.


He said ‘the first game played at Lindo Park was between the Gloria Shillingford Raptors and the Tony Prentice Stormers of Goodwill and that game was won by the Raptors 62-58 points. In the games played at Grand Bay, we had ACS Ballers versus La Plaine Shockers and also RJS Blazers versus the Lime Pros. The first game was won by ACS Ballers against the La Plaine Shockers by 62-58 points, while the second game between Lime Pros and the Blazers was won by the Blazers by 74-69 points. The top scorers for Blazers were Denver Dublin 23 and Ricky Toussaint 17.’




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