The Advance Level Support Group presents a brand new Refrigerator to the DSC



The Advance Level Support Group presented a refrigerator to the Dominica State College (DSC) Biology Programme on Thursday August 12th, 2010, in support of the teaching and learning process of that Programme. Director of Continuing Education at the DSC Mr. Merrill Matthew said that the handing over ceremony marked a day of celebration for the institution, since its main goal is to ensure that students receive the best education.


‘The gift we are receiving today is not primarily to cool frozen chicken and drinks but to foster learning in the Biology Programme, since many of the experiment that our students are expected to participate in requires certain specimens that are refrigerated, both before and after so that the effects can better be seen,’ Matthew explained.


While giving an overview of the Advance Level Support Group, one of its Executive Members, Dr. Hazel Shillingford Ricketts said that besides providing extra lessons, the group which was established in 2006 also raises funds to provide items for the labs as well as transportation for science students.


‘Now who are these persons doing this work? First of all the main person is Mr. Felix Wilson, the Coordinator of the Programme. Next we have Mr. Trevor Burton, who is the Treasurer and his office at L.A Dupigny handles the finances where we charge students fees and use the money to pay lecturers, student’s transportation and to provide whatever is required to enhance the students learning capacity. Other members of the group are Mrs. Marynese Grell, Mrs. Paula Peters and Dr. Francis Severin. We meet periodically to review the programme and to work with the staff at the Dominica State College with whom we’ve developed a very healthy relationship over the past years,’ said Dr. Ricketts.


Acting President at the Dominica State College, Dr. Helen Seaman expressed her gratitude to the Advance Level Support Group for their continued contributions to the institution.


She said ‘It is not the first time that the Advance Level Support Group has contributed either in cash or kind to the success of the College, as three years ago they donated over $40,000.00 worth of lab equipment to the Chemistry, Biology and Physics lab. The College is very grateful for this gesture as we seek to provide the students who pass through our institution with the best quality education possible. We are very appreciative of this and we look forward to the other partners to assist the College to achieve our goal, which is to provide education beyond quality and excellence.’


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