The Association Of Caribbean Higher Education Administrators

The Association of Caribbean Higher Education Administrators (ACHEA) convened its 11th Annual Conference at the National Academy of Performing Arts (NAPA) on July 12-14, 2012.

Mr. C. William Iton; University Registrar, The University of the West Indies and President, ACHEA, welcomed delegates and members of the ACHEA executive to the conference.

Over a hundred and twenty delegates from CARICOM countries and Canada listened keenly to the keynote address delivered by Professor Errol Morrison, OJ, President of the University of the Technology (UTECH), Jamaica, at the conference.

Professor Morrison delivered a very spirited presentation which highlighted challenges and opportunities of Higher Education in the region.

The financing of Higher Education was singled out as a critical area which Heads of Government should address.

He suggested that the possible impact of Higher Education at National, regional and international levels has far-reaching soci-economic benefits.

He called on ACHEA to facilitate discussions with CARICOM and other funding organizations such as the World Bank to provide support for research and development as a contributing factor to GDP.

He urged the Higher Education Administrators and other policy makers to exploit the opportunities such as the strength of the tourism industry, sports, and indigenous culture; the music and food available in the region.

He reminded the delegates to focus on developing value added products and services even as countries in the region prepare to celebrate their golden anniversary and participate in the 2012 Olympics Championship.

It is expected that ACHEA will lead the initiative to create an awareness of the challenges and opportunities of Regional Higher Education among the various stakeholders.



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