The Atlantis Mobile Laboratory concludes the third phase of a four-year research programme, here


Results of the negative impact of bad environmental practices on the health of a nation were presented to the public, when the Caribbean Eco-Health Programme and Atlantis Mobile Laboratory concluded the third phase of a four-year research programme, in Dominica.


The Programme which was geared at developing capacities for conducting research in the Caribbean, was facilitated by the Laval University in collaboration with the Ross University School of Medicine and the Ministry of Health and the Environment.


Throughout the one year period, key investigators used sophisticated techniques to test the effects of microbial, heavy metal and pesticide contamination on Dominica’s water, soil, plants and people.


Dean for Clinical, Academic and Community Affairs at the Ross University School of Medicine Dr. Gerald Grell believes a programme of this magnitude is of tremendous benefit to the university, whose primary aim is to educate and produce efficient physicians.


The research program targeted 12 Caribbean countries and, in addition to Dominica, the Atlantis Mobile Laboratory has also visited Grenada and Barbados, with a 4th island expected to be named soon.

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