The Basic Needs Trust Fund and the Mero Enhancement Committee reaches the end of 6 week programme


Souvenirs, delicious local cuisine and arts and craft items were some of the items which were showcased during the closing ceremony of a six-week programme which was organized by the Basic Needs Trust Fund and the Mero Enhancement Committee. Mrs. Josephine Dublin-Prince, part organizer of the programme said that the aim of the Mero Enhancement Committee is to satisfy clients demand with the best quality service, during their stay at the beach.


she said, “we want to thank in particular the Basic Needs Trust Fund who made available the amount of sixty-eight thousand dollars and an additional ten thousand dollars to ensure the continuation of the life guard, small business management, team building, landscaping, craft, gender relations, customer relations, culinary arts and presentation programmes.


Vinna Royer, Chairman of the St Joseph Village Council also took time to congratulate the Mero Enhancement Committee for their dedicated service and contribution towards community development.

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