The Capuchin/Clifton Village Council presents a plaque of appreciation to SAT Telecommunications Ltd


The Capuchin/Clifton Village Council presented a plaque of appreciation to SAT Telecommunications Limited on Friday January 28th, 2011 for its kind generosity and continued support of the council’s activities.


In December of 2010, the council organized a weekend trip to the island of Saint Lucia at a price of $400.00 all inclusive.


This was just one of the many activities that were held by the council, in an effort of raise the much-needed funds to undertake various significant projects in the twin communities.


Clerk of the Capuchin/ Clifton Village Council, Miss Julia Lamothe says the members of the village council are indeed grateful to SAT Telecommunications Limited for the media coverage it provided in that regard.


According to her, a total of twenty-seven people participated in the trip which was a major success.

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