The CDPF vows to do all in their power in ensuring that law and order is maintained during the WCMF


The Dominica Police Force is partnering with a series of stakeholders such as the Government of Dominica, the Dominica Festivals Committee, and other private security firms in an effort to ensure the tranquility and safety of patrons of the World Creole Music Festival.


Superintendant of the Central Division and Operations Mr. David Andrew said that the Dominica Police Force will not waver in their efforts in ensuring that law and order is maintained during the Festival.


According to Mr. Andrew, the Police will be conducting extensive searches at the Festival, where patrons will also be scanned with electronic devices.


Superintendant of the Traffic Department Mr. Ainsworth Irish said that there will be no significant difference with regards to the management of traffic during the staging of the World Creole Music Festival. According to him, the Police is currently in the process of devising a comprehensive plan, geared at facilitating the smooth flow of traffic and the safety and security of patrons and motorists alike.


He said that they  anticipate in excess of 5000-7000 people to gather at this renowned festival and in this regard is calling on motorists, pedestrians and the general public to comply with the rules and regulations of the Traffic Department.


The Dominica Police Force is also encouraging the general Public to Carpool in order to reduce the volume of traffic in the City of Roseau.


Irish said ‘on a daily basis in excess of 6000 vehicles come into the City which is about 74 acres 0.16 square miles and now with excess of 29000 vehicles on the island it is important that we remain steadfast in our mandate to maintain and control traffic in and around the City of Roseau.”


Mr. Irish also spoke to the issue of Parking.


“With the advent of the new link road, parking will be available on the sides of that road which can accommodate approximately 70 vehicles…we also intend to allow only one side parking on Riverbank and Hillsborough Street in the event of an emergency…persons will also be able to park on the western side of the Elmshall Road next to the University of the West Indies,” explained Irish.


However, he said that absolutely no parking will be allowed on the new link road from Bath Road into Valley Road.

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