The community of Vieille Case invites Dominicans to join in celebrating ” Fete Itassi “


The Children of Itassi Joint Organization Committee spearheaded by Father Herman Sharplis will be hosting their 2nd annual ‘Fete Itassi’ celebrations from august 27th to 29th, 2010.  While speaking with SAT TV News on Wednesday, Father Herman Sharplis, President of the Children of Itassi Organization Committee said that this event promises to provide excitement.


He said, “we begin on Friday with a gospel festival where local artists from the village will come together to praise God with a feature by Mr. Mickael Ferrol. The Kubuli Big Truck Jam will be providing music on Saturday and on Sunday. There will also be a local exhibition that will include all kinds of the items produced by the villagers.”


Father Sharplis said that the Children Steel Pan Orchestra was developed by the members of the Vieille Case Village Council and the Children of Itassi Joint Organization Committee as he highlighted the main purpose of the orchestra.


“The pan is very important to the village because we understand that it is one way to curb the issues that are affecting young people. They have a lot of time on their hands and developing a pan orchestra in the community will help development of their skills. The children have shown tremendous interest and are very excited about the event,” he said.


He invited Dominicans to turn out in large numbers to support Vieille Case’s ‘Fete Itassi’ celebrations.


“I can assure you that it will be a wonderful event and people will definitely be satisfied. There will be lots of local eats and drinks on sale. We are simply trying to ensure that Vieille Case remains community oriented and through this event, provide the kind of community spirit that leads to the development of Vieille Case,” said Sharplis.


The DBS Djs and WCK Band will also compliment Sunday’s event.

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