The DABA continues to push for the construction of an indoor basketball facility


President of the Dominica Amateur Basketball Association (DABA) Mr. Dave Baron says efforts are still continuing in seeking the necessary funds for the construction of a much-needed in door basketball facility, or the very least to cover one of the many existing basketball hard courts, on the island.


He says this project requires a lot of funding which the association cannot raise by itself given their obvious limitations.


However, he says they are very hopeful that very soon they will not have to worry about the games being marred by unfavorable weather conditions since the proposal has finally been presented to the Ministry of Sports for approval.


While commenting on the matter, Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports Honourable Justina Charles says the government will continue to invest in the youth through various sectors including sports, by providing the necessary facilities.


She says while the government has not discredited the need for an improved or modern basketball facility, in light of the national and global fiscal challenges, they have decided to place their focus on the construction of a multi purpose facility that will cater not just to the Dominica Amateur Basketball Association, but to all the other sporting associations on the island.

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