The DLP Government condemns all forms of aggression displayed by Dominicans toward foreign nationals



Acting Prime Minister Honourable Reginald Austrie said that the Government of Dominica deeply regrets the incident of aggression displayed by one of its’ nationals towards one of the Chinese workers engaged in the rehabilitation of the west coast road. In a press statement on Thursday July 29th, Austrie made it fundamentally clear that the DLP Administration firmly condemns any and all forms of hostility, disrespect and aggression displayed by Dominicans towards foreign nationals who are assisting them in realizing the future development of Dominica.


While deploring such behavior, Austrie called on all users of the West Coast Road to be patient and tolerant as the government attempts to rehabilitate the road with minimum inconveniences to the traveling public.


He stated that Government is aware that there is a small group of people who violently oppose to government, who under the disguise of media practitioners jump on to any issue and without seeking to finding out the facts, proceeding in painting the worst pictures of government policies.


“Their aim is to undermine the massive show of the support of the Dominican people for the government and to frighten away investors and their friendly government working with us. We condemn them and their xenophobic and racist behaviour and call on them to move from their anti-Dominica behaviour. They show their true colours in widely misinforming and misrepresenting the facts surrounding the incident of the local trucker with the Chinese worker.”


According to Austrie, their purpose was to inflame the passion of the uninformed Dominicans and to induce hostile behaviour towards the Chinese so that the rehabilitation of the West Coast Road project would come to a halt.


He said that “it would indeed be a blot on Dominicans national character, if we move into the direction of displaying intolerance, discourtesy and intemperance to each other.”


The Acting Prime Minister ended his statement by urging Dominicans to recommit to bringing kindness, respect, care and concern to anyone who crosses their path as they go about their daily business.

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