The Dominica Amateur Basketball Association makes History


The Dominica Amateur Basketball Association participating in Mas Dominik 2013

The Dominica Amateur Basketball Association made history, by participating in this year’s carnival Mas Dominik 2013.

While all teams were invited to participate in this float, a number of teams were not represented.

A number of past and current players showed the pride of representing basketball in the national arena.

The Association received very positive comments although this was their first time participating in carnival. The biggest question that the public is asking is will they participate in next year’s carnival.

When the team made their appearance on the streets of Roseau, most people seemed amazed as it was the first time that a basketball game was played during the carnival parade.

They were confident with their street performance and had fun with it.

The team consisted of both females and males from different age groups.

The association would like to thank the sponsors, players and most importantly, the portable back packs donated by Tito Aaron family as well as the use of a truck by MVB which was free of charge.

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