The Dominica Football Association backs Joseph ‘Sepp’ Blatter for FIFA President until 2015

The man at the helm of football in Dominica, Mr Patrick John has said that the Dominica Football Association will continue to nominate Joseph ‘Sepp” Blatter as president of FIFA, until he steps down in 2015, as previously indicated.

John added that under the leadership of Mr Blatter, 75, who has been FIFA’s president since 1998, the Dominica Football Association has benefited tremendously from a number of projects and trainings aimed at developing the sport of football on the island.

According to Mr John, Blatter has been very instrumental in making more tournaments available for participation by Dominican footballers.

The FIFA World Cup has also increased the number of team participation from sixteen to thirty-two, which is normally preceded by the preliminaries, held every two years.

In the interim, Mr John said that work is progressing smoothly on the goal 2 project at Stockfarm, another clear manifestation of the work done by FIFA.

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