The Dominica Police Force exploits all available options in its quest to find three missing persons


The Dominica Police Force has implemented a new strategy in its quest to find 15 year old Shanice Jemmot of Layou, who has been missing for approximately one month now.


The force which has been commended by both Shanice’s family and the government of Dominica for its hard work in the matter is intensifying its efforts by deploying officers across the island to search both public and private vehicles as they travel to varied destinations.


This is just one of the many initiatives that the organization has undertaken in their attempt to bring some closure to the matter.


Besides Shanice the Police is also searching but for Webster Edmund also of Layou, who is believed to be a suspect as well as Julien Jno Finn of Canefield who has reportedly gone missing since February 16th, 2011.


Shanice, a student of the Isaiah Thomas Secondary School disappeared without a trace on Thursday February 17th, 2011.


Anyone who may have any information on Shanice’s disappearance or on any of the other aforementioned persons are kindly asked to contact the nearest police station, immediately.

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