The Dominica Police Force takes a stand on child abuse

While officials from the Welfare Division reported last week that child abuse in Dominica is on the rise, the Dominica Police Force is reiterating its commitment to reduce levels of crime on the island, including child abuse incidents.


Police Public Relations Officer, Inspector Claude Weekes told SAT TV News that the police will continue to pursue the offenders who are taking advantage of children, especially young girls.


He pointed out that while they will not waver in their efforts to arrest the offenders, the public must first cooperate by reporting child abuse cases to the appropriate child protection agencies.


Another area of concern for the police as it relates to child abuse is the prevalence of sexual abuse on children, with the offenders being older men.


He warned that while the police will do all in its power to ensure that justice prevails; such acts can have a serious impact on the victims.


Just last week the Welfare Division also expressed concerns with increased levels of reported incest cases in Dominica.

Inspector Weekes says he is yet to understand what lame excuses could lead a grown man to deliberately offend a young boy or girl in such a manner.


The police is calling on everyone to partner with them in reducing levels of child abuse in Dominica, by reporting incidents to the police or the Welfare Division.

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