The Dominica State College to invest in more counselors for students

President of the Dominica State College, Dr. Donald Peters is assuring students at the college that efforts are being made to ensure that adequate counselors are available at the institution, to deal with the many social problems that both they continue to face.


Dr. Peters made this remark while addressing a special assembly held in honor of the life of Ms. Aldora David, a former student of the DSC, who committed suicide on January 9th, 2011, at her residence in Massacre.


Dr. Peters says apart from providing guidance counselors to students; they are hoping to begin mental and physical health programs at the institution in an effort to find out how best they can address these social ills.


Guidance Counselor at the Dominica State College, Ms Frederica James advised the students to speak to a trusted friend about issues affecting them, rather than remaining silent.


Father Franklyn Cuffy, who has been one of the pioneers of the ‘respect life’ campaign, encouraged the students to look to god, who is the greatest counselor of all times.


He called on everyone to adopt a more caring attitude towards their fellowmen.


A minute of silence was held in honor of Aldora David.


During the assembly Father Cuffy also presented the copy of a book entitled ‘the facts of life’ to the president of the Dominica State College, which he believes will help the students in dealing with the many challenges that they face in everyday life.

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