The DSJP to launch a regional initiative geared at promoting family life


The Dominica Social Justice and Peace Committee Family Life Seminar came to a close today, Friday August 6th, 2010 at the Diocesan Pastoral Centre at Morne Bruce. One of the facilitators Fr. Linus Clovis told SAT TV News that the seminar which began on Thursday August 5th was geared at formulating a specific plan and definite course of action to protect Dominica from the growing threat of Anti-Life Ideology.


He said ‘one of the main issues confronting the Caribbean is the breakdown of families simply because the men in particular, often fail to take up their responsibilities as fathers and husbands. So we are seeking ways to promote family life throughout the islands, specifically the role of men. However we will also speak about the role of the women, since this is a very important one as women usually take the brunt of the problems in the family and are forced to not only be mothers, but fathers and breadwinners…causing the children to suffer, as they do not have the proper role models or parental support.’


He said that they are hoping to launch a regional initiative geared at promoting family life.


Father Clovis encouraged Dominicans to say no to anything that may pose a threat to the family, whether it is abortion, contraceptives, homosexuality, euthanasia, drugs etc. According to Fr. Clovis, once it threatens the family, it threatens Society and each and every one of us. He said ‘in addition to that we want to really protect our families from the incursions of anti-life ideologies who are pushing their agenda on our Caribbean natives.’

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