The Education Trust Fund Continues to Invest in Education


The Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Willie Fevrier

Since its inception in 1981, the Education Trust Fund (ETF) has been facilitating the less fortunate students, providing them the opportunity to continue their education by supplying text books and transportation.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Willie Fevrier, the establishment came about when the realization that the cost of education is increasing every year, putting further financial constraints on parents.

On Saturday 27th April, the ETF held its annual radio-thon and raised $33,000.00, 7000 thousand dollars short of their intended mark.

Funds will also go towards examination and registration fees.

Mr. Fevrier commended the corporate community for their constant support throughout the years, making note of the annual contributions from private individuals to the ETF AND Government’s annual subvention.

For the past three years over 600 students from all over the Island have benefited from the program.

Mr. Fevrier explained that the Education Trust Fund only provides for Secondary School students as they believe this is where the greatest challenges lie.

The text book scheme makes provisions whereby the students are to return the books at the end of each school year.

When applying to the ETF an application form must be filled and based on the information provided, the Organization decides who is legible for assistance.

Applications are expected to be in by July to accommodate early donations of books for the starting of the new term in September.

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