The family called upon to support children living with autism

A call has been made for Dominican families to support children within the family home that are living with autism and other challenges.


This call has been made by Victoria Storaas, an autism spectrum disorder resource consultant from Ontario, Canada, who recently concluded a series of training with teachers who teach children living with autism.


Mrs Storaas’ visit comes as the Rotary Club of Orleans undertakes their first international project in Dominica, with focus on children living with autism in Dominica.


She described the feedback from the training with the teachers as encouraging and successful.


While the training focused on a number of topics, she says that for teachers in Dominica dealing with problematic behavior is one of their main challenges.


Mrs Storaas believes that there is a lot that the family along with the teachers, parents and guardians can do to assist children living with autism.


One of the teachers at the Alpha Center, Miss Lisa Watty told SAT TV News that she has learnt a lot from the training and will definitely put the knowledge and skills into practice.


Before leaving the island, Mrs Storaas will be facilitating a final training programme with some 50 health care professionals at the Princess Margaret Hospital, starting next week.


Autism is a complex, lifelong developmental disorder for which there is no cure.


It is considered to be a ‘spectrum disorder’ meaning that the severity of symptoms varies greatly from person to person.

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