The Forestry Division takes a bold yet commendable step to ensure visitors safety


While visiting the Botanical Gardens, many of you may have been surprised, might have even nod your head with disappointment or simply asked the question “why are the trees in the botanical being cut down?” The trees did not only provide the Botanical Gardens with an exotic ambiance but also provided visitors with shade on sunny days. SAT TV News team decided to look into the matter and found out from an official, that the reasons behind this act is due to the fact that the trees are hazardous because of its stature, size and most importantly its poor density. The official said that while the Forestry Division is charged with the responsibility to maintain the Botanical Garden, one of its primary objective is to ensure safety of visitors. He said considering the fact that Dominica is currently in the hurricane season, the trees could cause serious damage and so the Forestry Division took a bold yet commendable step in ensuring that visitors are safe.

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