The French pledge their support to Dominica

French Ambassador Monsieur Michel Prom has pledged the commitment of his french counterparts in working towards fostering greater relationship between the french and Dominica.


The ambassador made these remarks at a cocktail held at the Alliance Francaise de la Dominique on July 12th, in observance of French National Day.


“The relationship and link is very deep between Dominica and the french countries. We have many things in common like our history and our culture especially because of the creole language. We share a common culture, and tradition,” Prom said.


The Ambassador said that the french countries will continue to partner with Dominica in developing the country through many sectors including education, health and biodiversity.


“The field of development is chosen by the country itself, but we have been cooperating for a long time with Dominica in different fields. Dominica has a lot of natural resources like geothermal, and we can definitely cooperate in that area and many other sectors. If we have the expertise we can bring something to Dominica in that regard,” the Ambassador said.


Ambassador Prom said that they are currently implementing steps to develop the links among neighbouring countries, as called for by French Agencies at a recent international consultation.

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