The Government of Dominica injects over two million dollars into DOWASCO’s water system upgrade

Dominica’s only water and sewerage company, DOWASCO has received support from the government, in their bid to minimize interruptions in water supply around the island.


General Manager of DOWASCO, Mr Bernard Etinoffe told a press conference yesterday that the government has approved their proposal to allocate approximately 2.6 million dollars towards the improvement of their current water supply system.


Mr etinoffe said that while the company continues to face many challenges which are brought on mainly by natural forces, they are doing all in their power to ensure that all Dominicans receive high quality portable water in their homes.


He said that some of the funds received from the government will go towards the installation of a new filtration system.


Mr Etinoffe said that while the company apologizes for recent interruptions in their water system, they are not entirely responsible for the mishap.

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