The Great Physical International to launch 2 books in Dominica

Honorable Priest Kailash Kay Leonce of the Great Physical International based in St Lucia will launch 2 books during a ceremony at the Fort Young Hotel on Thursday, August 11th, 2010.


Priest Leonce said that their latest publication entitled ‘the herbal manual’ illustrates the matrix of herbal medicine and can be used by all Dominicans.


“The herbal manual is a compilation of our research done around the world, whereby we have researched different types if herbs that our ancestors used. This book goes from a cellular level, it teaches you about the human body because many times what we find is that people know about their cars and computers but they don’t know about the human body.


The second book ‘the sugar baby’ demonstrates a step by step method on how to eradicate diabetes naturally using herbs and natural resources.


Honorable Leonce said that the release of such a book is more than timely as many persons are affected by the disease.


This book is a compilation of all the herbs in the Caribbean that has a high efficacy of reducing the blood sugar levels like dandelion, cinnamon and cocoa. This book gives you a holistic approach, it teaches you about diabetes and how one gets it. We have moved away from the organic foods that used to make Dominicans live to see 125 years…this book is a guideline back to that lifestyle” said Leonce.


Both books will be available for sale at the launching ceremony on Thursday at the Fort Young Hotel.


A lecture on the topic ‘you are what you eat’ will also form part of the ceremony scheduled to begin at 5pm.


““There has been a considered effort with the heads of Government to change our dietary lifestyle. At the launching we will be looking at ‘what you can eat’ at the Fort Young Hotel from 5pm to 9pm. The books will be available for sale, we’ll have some of our herbal products as well, there will be a Power Point presentation educating the Dominican population on what is it that they’re supposed to consume as people of African heritage” said Leonce.

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