The Harlem United Sports and Community Club celebrates its 40th anniversary


The Harlem United Sports and Community Club of Dominica held an official recognition ceremony in commemoration of its 40th anniversary on Saturday November 13th 2010 at the Harlem Plaza. Mr. Don Leogal President of the sports club said that without the assistance and support of various individuals, the Harlem Sports Club would not have survived the numerous challenges which it encountered over the years. Mr. Patrick John, President of the Dominica Football Association (DFA) commended the club for developing the sport of football, not only in the community of Newtown but the entire country, by extension.


He said, “the sport of football and the existence of a sports club protects the youth from the use of illegal drugs, assist them in becoming honest, hardworking and disciplined citizens.”


He also congratulated the club on this momentous occasion.


“I want to congratulate the community of Newtown for maintaining the prestigious title of, “the makers of football,” said Mr. Patrick John.


The top forty players as well as individuals who have contributed to the continued development of the sport of football and the Harlem Sports Club and players who were members of the first Dominican National Team to win the Popham Windward Islands Football Championship in 1971, were all recognized at the ceremony.

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