“The Cup and its Treasure” Officially Launched


Pastor Benjamin’s, Author of “The Cup and its Treasure”.

The Cup and its Treasure written by Pastor Peterson Benjamin, was launched on Monday March 25th 2013, at La Flamboyant Hotel.

The aim of the launch was to offer the public a preview of what the Cup and its Treasure entails.

In the book, it speaks of the challenges and realities of life, Pastor Benjamin said the cup signifies the realities of a mission, without a cup there will not be one.

Pastor Benjamin’s book also speaks of the roles of parenting with great emphasis on the role of fatherhood.

Pastor Benjamin, tells us about one chapter that is of great significance to him.

The book ends at chapter fifteen, with the title Declaration. This closing chapter speaks of the power of agreement for the release of treasure from your cup.


Chapter one of “The Cup and its Treasure”

Bishop Chad Prince, encouraged persons to read the book to gain strength from its contents and implement the advice it offers in our daily lives.

The Cup and its Treasure is presently on sale for $35.00

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