The Lime National 2011 Basketball Season to commence with two games this Friday


The Lime National 2011 Basketball Season will commence this Friday with two (2) games and will continue on Saturday with an additional two (2) games.


The games will begin at 7.00pm at the Lindo Park hardcourt, in Goodwill.


A total of nine (9) teams have registered in the premiere division league which is being sponsored by Domlec while a record number of twenty-one teams (21) have registered in the 1st Division league. As a result, the 1st Division category had to be divided into two zones; Zone A and B.


The teams which have registered in the Premeiere Division league are Castle Bruce Oilers, Paix-Bouche Eagles, TR Prowlers, Dragon Stoute Pros, Gatorade Blazers, No-Look, Marigot Sonics, Sign Man X-Men and United Sharks.


The 11 teams which will compete in Zone A of the 1st Division League are Maximum Building Supplies Tigers, the National Youth Team, NBD Original X-Men, Juggernauts, Massacre Black Hawks, Morne Prosper Ballers, Element Agencies Ole Skool, Marauderz, Grand Fond, E.H Charles and Jolly’s Pharmacy Crossover and the Goodwill Starz.


Meanwhile, Ezee Pharmacy Black Knights, Pichelin Pistons, La Plaine Sports Club, Police Sports Club, Paix-Bouche Snippers, Ian Douglas Patriots, Kelver Darroux Hurricanes, Wesley Raptors, Cornfield Hoyas and the Northern Stars Chargers are the ten (10) teams which will compete in Zone B of the 1st Division League.


The 1st Division League is being sponsored by Kubuli and Vita Malt.

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