The Methodist Church in the Caribbean and the Americas (MCCA) awards eighteen ministers

A number of Dominicans who served and are still serving in the Methodist ordained ministry were recognized on Sunday, when the Methodist Church in Caribbean and the Americas (MCCA) held their recognition and thanksgiving service at the Bethseda Methodist Church in Roseau.


The service formed part of activities marking Dominica’s 223rd and the MCCA’s 250th anniversary of Methodism, celebrated under the theme ‘with faith, hope and joy we hold aloft the light as we celebrate 250 years’.


Superintendent minister reverend Carlwin greenaway said that the celebrations in itself is a milestone for the Methodist ordained ministry in Dominica.


‘For us it is more than just a celebration, we have made tremendous strides over the years and this celebration is a milestone for us,’ said Greenaway.


He said that Sunday’s service was aimed at giving God thanks for calling Dominican men and women to serve in the lay and ordained ministries in the Methodist Church.


The awardees were Reverend Phillip Potter, William Watty, Reuben Telemacque, Keith Lewis, Elizabeth Andrew-Felix, Evans Dodds, James Timothy, Joyce Rohan, Elkanah Edwards, Joan Delsol-Meade, Janetta James, Catherine Gale, Vincia Celestine, Jennifer Joseph, William Benjamin, Hewlett Andrew, Rawlier Quammie and Telford Matthew.

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