The Military cemetery at Kingshill to be transformed into a public burial ground


The Military Cemetery at Kingshill may soon be transformed into a public burial ground.


This disclosure was made by the Mayor of Roseau, His worship Cecil Joseph during an exclusive interview with SAT TV News in which he expressed concerns about the lack of space at the Roseau public cemetery.


According to the Mayor, the Roseau City Council is now faced with the challenge of identifying a suitable area to be used as a burial ground since there is little space remaining at the public cemetery due to the increased numbers of Protestant churches.


He says besides the fact that there is little space available, there is also a waterlog issue which is preventing them from extending to the eastern side of the cemetery.


He says they have already brought the matter to the attention of Central Government with the hope of finding a quick solution to the problem.


Having recognized the urgency of the situation, Mr. Joseph is hoping that Central Government will allocate at least three (3) acres of land to the Roseau City Council for purpose of creating a new burial ground.


Although the community of Gutter was earmarked as a suitable location for the next burial ground, Mr. Joseph does not believe that this is possible with the high level of settlement that now exists there.


This is not the first time that the Roseau City Council has been faced with this problem since they were recently confronted with the same challenge in the communities of Mahaut and Massacre.


The Roseau Public Cemetery which has been in existence for over a hundred years is currently being used as a burial ground by all the various denominations including the Anglican and the Methodist Churches.

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