The Ministry of Education to continue its HFLE programmes in Secondary Schools

The Ministry of Education will be intensifying its Health and Family Life Education (HFLE) programmes in 2011, as it continues to place emphasis on instilling core values in Dominican students.


This confirmation came from Guidance Counselor in the Ministry of Education, Thomas Holmes.


He says during the New Year, the Ministry of Education will be continuing it’s parenting programme for parents and guardians of students; who plays a very critical role in the educational process.


According to him, the main goal of these programmes is to instill positive values in the students while at the same time ensuring that the parents and guardians continue to support them by being good role models.


Holmes says a major area of concern for the Ministry of Education is the increase in child abuse, among students at all levels.


According to him, the Ministry of Education is taking vigorous steps to address the matter.


Holmes says that the Ministry of Education will also be partnering with social organizations and agencies in an effort to address the many social problems affecting students at school.


One such organization is the newly formed Caribbean Male Action Network (CARIMAN), which will target the needs of young men at schools.

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