The Ministry of Environment Seeks to Develop Ways to Curb Climate Change

In an effort to internalize the UN’s call for the green economy, the Government of Dominica has developed a low carbon resilient development strategy.

This is just one of among many changes that the Government is trying to implement to curb climate change and global warming in Dominica.

At the launch of One Million Hour Tree Planting Project, Minister for Environment, Dr. Kenneth Darroux, says this strategy has been approved and endorsed by the Climate Investment Fund.

This phenomenon of climate change has been well documented by the United Nations and other institutions over the last decade.

These have had severe impacts on Dominica’s agriculture, tourism, water, physical and coastal infrastructure, according to the Environment Minister.

The Ministry is also undertaking other projects including a national land use plan and policy, which seeks to rationalize the land use in Dominica.

They are also in the process of modernizing, harmonizing and strengthening the environmental legislation in an effort to ensure that the natural resources we enjoy will still be there for coming generations.

Geothermal Energy development is also on their list of priorities, and they hope it will bring fruitful results and propel Dominica to the next level.

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