The Ministry of Health spearheads an employee health and wellness programme for public officers

In keeping with its thrust in preventing and managing chronic non-communicable diseases which include diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer and supporting the vision of the Honorable Prime Minister in fostering a healthy public service, the Ministry of Health and the Establishment Personnel and Training Department have initiated an employee health and wellness program for public officers.


The program which started on February 14th, 2011 at the Windsor Park Sports Stadium, have already registered some 400 people.


Coordinator of Health Promotion, Mrs Helen Royer told SAT TV News that the need for such a program was also as a result of a survey conducted on public health officers by the health promotion resource center in 2006.


Nurse Royer says the goal of the employee health and wellness programme is to promote a healthy lifestyle among public officers, thereby reducing the impact of CNCD’s.


Components of the programme include physical activity such as aerobics, walking and jogging.


It also makes provisions for sessions on stress management with regards to the work environment and how to balance work and family.


Allison Samuel, who has been designated to conduct health screenings before and after each session, says individual health coaching and counseling is provided as part of the programme.


Sessions start from 3:00 pm at the Windsor Park Sports Stadium.

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