The Ministry of Trades celebrates Small Business Week from October 18th – 22nd, 2010


The Ministry of Employment, Trade and Diaspora Affairs of the Government of Dominica recently embarked on a major initiative the objective of which is to enhance the Small Business Unit sector in the Country.


The Small Business Support Unit (SBSU) was established in October 2008, to assist Small and Micro Businesses. The aim is not merely to promote and develop Small Business but also to use this policy as a device to alleviate poverty in the Country.


In an effort to further this objective, the Ministry has launched a program of activities in observance of Small Business Week which will run from October 18th – 22nd, 2010, under the theme “Building Dominica through Small Business.”


Minister of Employment, Trade, Industry and Diaspora Affairs, Honourable Dr. Colin McIntyre said that the week of activities will emphasize Government’s commitment to providing a whole range of new opportunities for small entrepreneurs and for those who are willing to use their skills to provide jobs for themselves and others.


According to Dr. McIntyre, Experience has already demonstrated that many of the enterprises that have received support from the Small Business Unit have created further opportunities for 2 or more persons to be gainfully employed.


Meanwhile, Director of the Small Business Support Unit said that the activities which will showcase through an exposition at the Windsor Park Stadium the range and scope of Small Business activity in the Country and the collaborative effort of the Small Business Sector in the Country, will also provide an opportunity for the general public to become familiar with Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in Dominica.


Since the program was launched over two Million dollars has been allocated to that sector. Out of a total of close to two thousand applications, the Unit has been able to provide assistance to over six hundred applicants. Some of the key areas that have been benefited from this initiative  include garment manufacturing , barber and grocery shops, snackettes, bars, hair salons and boutiques; support has also been given to Agro-Progressing. For servicing the Small Business the island has been divided into seven districts and this has impacted significantly on families, individuals for purchasing stock, small appliances, tools, bakeries and upgrading business enterprises.


The Small Business Unit has collaborated very closely with other agencies providing services for the Small Enterprise sector.

The agencies involved include: Dominica Association of Industry & Commerce, the Co-0peratives Division, the National Development Foundation of Dominica, Invest Dominica Authority, the AID Bank, the OECS Export Development Unit and Dexia. All these activities are being coordinated under the auspices of the Ministry of Employment, Trade, Industry and Diaspora Affairs.


The Week will give some new dimension to the extensive reach and scope of the Small Business Unit in the thrust of the Government to raise the quality of life of the citizens of Dominica.

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