The National Bank of Dominica renews its commitment to the Roving Care Givers Programme (RCP)


The National Bank of Dominica has renewed its commitment to the Roving Care Givers Programme (RCP) by further investing over EC $ 320,000.00 towards its expansion.


Coordinator of the RCP Petra Buffong said that the NBD’s latest investment clearly states that the Bank continues to find favour with their work.


According to her, their investment could also be interpreted as an expression of their commitment to Early Childhood Development in Dominica, especially to those children who are most at risk.


Director of Child Fund Caribbean Mr. Francis Joseph said that after months of consultation and research, Child Fund Caribbean has a sustainable and attainable expansion plan for the Programme and is requesting a stronger and prolong partnership with the National Bank of Dominica.


Meantime, Acting Manager at the National Bank of Dominica Mr. Bernard Thomas said that the Bank which has a long tradition of serving and building communities where they do business.


According to him, enhancing the quality of life of the people whom they serve is at the heart of NBD’s cooperate social responsibility.

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