The NCCU Visa Debit Card Is Here!

NCCU International Debit Card

The NCCU Visa Debit Card is here!

It is the card that gives you cash in your hands anytime, anywhere.

A launching ceremony was held at the NCCU main branch in Roseau on Friday September 28th.

At the Credit Union they have dreamt of having a debit card for their members to gain international access to their cash.

President of the NCCU, Mr. Dexter Ducreay, says a card management software was needed to interface with their core product and they found BEVERTEC to do just that.

 The design of the card was derived from a competition among staff, which displays the card with shades of blue and yellow; the colours of the society’s league.

Mr. Ducreay says prior to the launching, they issued test cards to members and from all reports it can even be used in China.

President of BEVERTEC, Mr. Barry Walsh wishes NCCU and its customers all the best with their new found card.

Members are asked to come in to any branch to exchange their old cards for a new one, or simply get their new international debit card.

They are also launching their Now to Now Programme, where you can get a loan of up to $8000 on a loan within half an hour, by just bringing in your salary slip.

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