The ODM sensitizes the residents of Canefield, as they prepare for the worst case scenario at Antrim


The Office of Disaster Management (ODM) has already begun the sensitization process as they prepare for the worst case scenario in the Antrim area.


That’s the word coming from Mr Don Corriette of the Office of Disaster Management who has been closely monitoring the land slippage issue in Antrim, for the past few months.


According to Mr. Corriette the ODM is adhering to the call which was made by Dr. Dereck Gay, a Civil Engineer and Professor at the University of the West Indies St. Augustine Campus in Trinidad, who was brought into the island to analyze the situation, after which he appealed to the relevant authorities to evacuate certain individuals who are living in the area, where there is ongoing land movement.


“We have started the sensitization process and luckily, we have gotten the cooperation of several residents in the area, who have granted us access to their property for investigation purposes.”


Mr. Corriette said that they have embarked on a number of initiatives which are geared at preparing the persons who would be most affected, should a disaster occur.


“We have also begun sensitizing the Pioneer Preparatory School, the Massacre Primary School and the Canefield Urban Village Council about the situation upstream.”


He said, “Under the comprehensive disaster management plan we are mandated to do just that, planning, preparedness, mitigation, recovery and rehabilitation, so instead of just sitting around and being reactive we are in fact being proactive.”

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