The OECS Assembly “The People’s Parliament” Officially Opens

OECS Assembly

The people of the OECS now have the opportunity for their issues to be discussed and debated publicly through the OECS Assembly.

The historic Inauguration of the OECS Assembly took place on Friday August 10th 2012 in Antigua and Barbuda, the headquarters of the OECS Assembly, with attendees including students from various communities in Antigua and Barbuda.

During the Inauguration ceremony, the Honourable Rene Baptiste of St. Vincent and the Grenadines was elected as the Speaker of the OECS Assembly.

Ms. Baptiste, a former public servant in St. Vincent and the Grenadines including a Minister for Culture and Tourism, pledged to be the servant of the Assembly and called for the cooperation and support of all honourable members stating we have serious work to do, as time is of the essence.

At the Inaugural Session of the OECS Assembly in Antigua and Barbuda, Host Prime Minister the Honourable Baldwin Spencer encouraged his colleague members to ensure that the OECS Assembly benefited OECS People.

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