The OECS-EDU concerned about the low percentage of Arts & Crafts products exported from the island

A call has been made for Arts and Crafts producers on the island to receive additional formal training, to further develop their products for export.



This was revealed when the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States Export Development Unit (OECS-EDU) presented the ‘findings of a diagnostic review on the Arts and Crafts sector in the OECS’.


The review came following recent consultations on the Arts and Crafts sector which took place in all of the nine member-territories from August to October 2010.


OECS-EDU Business Development Officer in the crafts sector, Mrs Jennifer Julien-Laudat said that in Dominica’s case, the consultation was facilitated by consultants from Manzanare Design Solutions Ltd with support from various stakeholders in the Arts and Crafts sector on the island.



Mrs Laudat said that one of the main issues arising from the findings of the review is the large number of unregistered craft producers currently conducting business on the island.


She noted that this in itself can pose as a serious disadvantage to producers in many areas.


To take advantage of the many concessions that are available at the ports, as it relates to duty-free, you must be a registered producer’, explained Mrs Laudat.


The OECS-EDU Unit is also concerned about the low percentage of products that are exported both regionally and internationally.


According to Mrs Laudat, ‘other areas that need development include product design, the availability of raw materials, low production, time-consuming production, lack of branding and high prices’.


The OECS-EDU is hopeful that following the review, a five year strategic plan will be developed for the Arts and Crafts sector.

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