The Paix-Bouche community lends their support to the youngest chairman ever inaugurated


Young talented musician selected to head the Paix-Bouche/ Dos D’ane Village Council  

A talented young musician who came from very humble beginnings Kidron Alexander has been selected to head the Paix-Bouche/ Dos d’ANE Village Council for the next three years.


Kidron along with the other two (2) nominated and five (5) elected councilors took their oath of administration, when the Council held its Sixteenth Inaugural meeting at the Paix-Bouche Primary School on Wednesday January 19th, 2011.


While addressing the villagers and dignitaries who came out in support of the council, outgoing chairperson of the Paix-Bouche/ Dos D’ane Village Council Miss Felina George thanked the past councilors and present clerk for their services rendered over the past three to nine years which have resulted in making the Paix-Bouche/ Dos D’ane Village Council one of the best councils on the island.


Incoming Chairman Kidron Alexander encouraged all those who doubt his capabilities to use his past record of community service as an indicator of his potential.


Meanwhile, Parliamentary Representative for the Community of Dos D’ane Honourable Ian Douglas recognized the contribution of the outgoing Chairperson as he offered words of encouragement to the incoming Chairman.


Parliamentary Representative for the Paix-Bouche Constituency Honourable Matthew Walter pledged his continued support to the newly sworn-in village council.


The five elected councilors are Raymond Burton, Shana Felicite, Angelica Pierre – Louis, Hubert Remy and Jeffrey St. Rose while the three nominated councilors are Kidron Alexander, Josephine Paul and Lucinda Thomas.


The oath was administered by Justice of peace, Mr. Gerard Honore while the credentials were presented by the Minister of Social Services, Community Development and Gender Affairs Honourable Gloria Shillingford.

The Paix-Bouche Village Council was first inaugurated in 1961.

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