The Pottersville Development Committee award persons in their community

The Pottersville Development Committee has recognized a number of persons within their community who have made tremendous contributions to the fishing industry.


Several persons received special awards last weekend as part of activities marking Pottersville’s Feast called ‘Fete Lord Borde’. Some of the awardees included Mr George Moreau, Vigil Laurent, Clayton Morancie and Abdul Mason.


Mr Clayton Morancie, who has been involved in the fishing industry for over 42 years told SAT TV News that he is pleased to have served his fellow residents.


“I love fishing so I invested my money in fishing after I left the Port. I will continue doing fishing because right now I am training some young boys in my community to do fishing. Fishing is a hard task but once you put your efforts into it, everything will be alright”, said an elated Morancie after receiving his award.


SAT TV wishes to congratulate all the awardees on their achievements.

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