The Re-launching of Waitukubuli Ecological Foundation

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“Do not depend on others. We will loose out in the long run if we continue to go this way.”


Mr. Bernard Wiltshire, President of the Waitukubuli Ecological Foundation, made these comments while discussing the re-launching of the organization.


Mr. Wiltshire hopes that this generation has the capable individuals to continue the project when he is no longer here.


The Waitukubuli Ecological Foundation was formed in 1995 in the UK, by young Dominicans who came together initially to form the Waitukubuli National Trail.


Mr. Wiltshire says there is opportunity to produce outputs for our economy while at the same time preserving, protecting, and conserving the treasures we have here in Dominica.

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    the word is lose not loose… loose is when something is not tight.

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