The reigning Calypso King Gregory ‘Karessah’ Riviere releases his first Calypso for 2011


The reigning Calypso King Gregory ‘Karessah’ Riviere is confident that he will retain the crown with his popular 2011 calypso rendition ‘One set of cutlery’.


The general public received an opportunity to hear the song for the very first time this morning, when King Karessah launched the song on one of Dominica’s most popular talk show ‘Mat in the morning – The hot seat’ on Q95FM Radio Station.


The song which has a total of seven (7) verses was written and composed by Karessah himself.


The two-time calypso King says he is currently working on his second calypso song for the season which he hopes to release next week.


Fans who are interested in getting a sneak preview of the Calypso King’s song will receive the opportunity at Stardom Tent this Saturday and every Wednesday thereafter.

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