The Rotary Club of Orleans give successful reviews on their first international project in Dominica

Mrs Julia Ginley of the Rotary Club of Orleans has rated their first international project undertaken in Dominica, as ‘more than successful’.


Mrs Ginely who was the director of the project which was undertaken at the Alpha Center in Goodwill says that she is particularly contended with the library cataloging and circulation system that was set up by the team.


The library contains approximately 1,000 books with the intentions of adding more to the collection.


The team consisted of Mrs Ginley, her daughter Jamie Anne Giggey, Carmen Larsen-Grijalva who is also a rotary member and Victoria Storaas, an autism spectrum disorder resource consultant, who facilitated a number of training programmes over the two-week period.


A laptop, printer and a digital camera also forms part of the package for the library and the center.


The team left the island on March 19th, 2011.

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